Penta’paper: The Machine of Visual Delights is the creation of artist Deborah Andrews.

Deborah graduated with a BA Honours Degree in Graphic Design from Camberwell College of Art, part of University of the Arts, London. She specialised in drawing and illustration.
She has worked as an artist/maker in London and Abroad, using observational drawings as the starting point of her work.
After being requested to do drawings ‘on demand’ in her job as an Art & Crafts Tutor, she  came up with the idea of the Machine of Visual Delights, which had it’s first humble beginnings in the local school playground.

Since then, commissioning clients include:
The Barbican
Latitude Festival
Home Live Art at The National Theatre
Vital Arts
Green Man Festival
Festival of Thrift, curated by Wayne Hemingway
Shuffle Festival of the Mind, curated by Danny Boyle
Emergency Exit Arts
Two Destination Language

The interactive illustration machine allows people of all ages to use their imagination and is available for commission.

She lives and works in London.


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