What the clients say…

HUGE THANKS for the machine of visual delights. It truly did delight large numbers of people as the concept is so clear and the drawings so enjoyable.
Best Wishes, the Barbican Team

“We really loved having you and the ‘Machine’ at Word Up! – it seemed like a
really natural fit. Everyone loved it.”
Videl Bar-Kar, Ways with Words Director

“Illustrate The Wait was commissioned as part of the Vital Arts Festival to launch the new Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel.  Patients in waiting areas of the hospital submitted ideas into Deborah’s machine.  This simple idea went down a storm for patients and staff who were enchanted by the fun contraption and beautiful illustrations.
Illustrate The Wait helped pass the time and distract patients from a potentially stressful visit to the hospital.  Really fun, colourful and engaging.  I hope we can work together again.”
Rachel Louis, VitalArts